Abundance Goddess 101

You need to learn about finances and your own path to personal success and prosperity. You struggle to integrate your spiritual life with the needs of your pocketbook. Mama Morgana understands! You wonder, how can you use your Magickal tools in the marketplace without risking financial ruin? Not to worry! Mama Morgana gets it—and she can help!

Mama Morgana was born under the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. So, she is an ❁Abundance Goddess❁. In addition to running her own successful Magickal practice, she has worked as an intuitive business and marketing consultant for many years—and in a past life, too!

Most of us need help in the financial arena. Mama Morgana is here to support you on your path to personal success, prosperity and abundance!

In Abundance Goddess 101 you will learn scrying techniques to help you unlock the future and plan in accordance with The Goddess’s plans for you. You’ll also learn the basics of Abundance Spells, tricks to make your spreadsheets feel Magickal, the best times to cast your Abundance Spells, when to work Magick yourself and when to call in the professionals. (Mama Morgana is at your service and standing by!) 


All this could be Magickally yours:

❁ Scrying techniques

❁ Abundance  Spells

❁ Magickal Spreadsheets

❁ Abundance Spell timing tables

❁ Calling the Abundance Goddess

❁ A community of like-minded Abundance Seekers

Join us!

If you register for Abundance Goddess 101 today, you will get a Personalized Savings Spell that takes into account your wishes, worries, desires and dreams. Crafted especially for you by Mama Morgana herself, your personalized spell will start you on your path to fulfillment and personal abundance. 

If you sign up by July 15, in addition to your Personalized Savings Spell, you will get a complimentary Kasting Kit, which will aid you in casting all of the many spells that you will learn in this course. A $150 value, the Kasting Kit, is only available with your sign-up for Abundance Goddess 101 and cannot be purchased in stores.

And that’s not all, if you sign up before midnight tonight, in addition to the above gifts, you will receive an instant download of Mama Morgana’s favorite Abundance Spell. Start working your Abundance Magick today!

Plus—because it is Thursday and Thursday is associated with Jupiter—sign up today and you will receive a gold-toned plush bag for you to store all your Abundance Spell tools.

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